Parent Resources

Welcome to P.S. 287 distance learning program!  



We understand that times are challenging, and hope that you are faring well .Given the current circumstances, we are preparing for distance learning over the next few weeks, starting tomorrow Monday, March 23, at 8:30am. 


We will be on Spring break from Thursday, April 9 to April 17, 2020. 


Students will need a computer, their gmail and access to the internet, and the print materials to participate in classes.   Parents, we would like to confirm contact information with you and your children as well as your availability of home technology and the internet.  Please email the parent coordinator [email protected]  to confirm your best email contact and let her know your technology issues.


Teachers will begin communicating with students, using their google email, in Google Classroom, starting on Monday March 23, 2020. Each student can follow the schedule (TBA) and do work for each class during their scheduled time.  This schedule will help structure their day, but is completely flexible for now.  However, each teacher will conduct two interactive lessons each week.  It is necessary for students to be online at those times.  Teachers will be providing feedback each day, also on a flexible schedule. We know that many families are home, some sharing equipment, and taking care of their own children, so we all need to be flexible and patient.  Remember, this is Phase One of a very difficult transition and we will all be adjusting our practices as we learn more about how to be successful at remote teaching and learning.


While communicating expectations, we recognize the stress of the current situation and the needs of the students and families we serve, as we consider including the following points:  

  • Students should check their school email and Google Classroom daily.
  • Students should complete instructional activities assigned by teachers within the expected timelines/deadlines.  
  • Students should participate in check-ins, discussions, and other communication mechanisms as expected by the teacher.  
  • Students should review teacher feedback and complete any follow-up activities as assigned by the teacher.  
  • Students and families should proactively notify their teacher or a school administrator school with any concerns about progress or additional support needed.  
  • Families should support students in being successful by establishing routines and habits that support their success in remote learning.  
  • Families should ensure that students are adhering to our school’s contract for appropriate behavior on web enabled devices. 
  • Students and families should contact their teacher, counselor, parent coordinator, social worker or Principal, when appropriate, for support, as needed.  




Assignments must be posted by the due date and time on Google Classroom our school website accordingly.  All pages of the assignment must be uploaded for students to earn full credit for an assignment. If nothing is turned into Google Classroom and students check ‘turned in’, students will not receive a grade.  Please reach out to Mr. Bereziouk [email protected] if you need assistance with this. Most students should know how to upload their work because of their previous experience with Google Classroom. 




Classwork must be submitted at the end of the day by 11:59pm (midnight) for all classes. 

If your circumstances prevent you from meeting this deadline, please reach out to your classroom teacher. Teachers will share their expectations for classwork and participation grades.  



Grades for all classes will be updated in Google classroom.




This platform will be used to communicate with students, post class materials and homework, post tests/quizzes, host discussions and check in for attendance. During remote learning, students must post/submit all assignments on Google Classroom for each class (or other platforms teachers are using). Teachers will be checking to ensure that the entire assignment is posted to receive full credit. Parents can ask their child or teacher to add them to their account, but guardians will only receive a weekly summary. Parents, the best way to see details of your child’s assignments will be to login in using their password.  



  • Use the office hours to contact your teachers and if these hours don’t work for you, please email your teachers privately.
  • Chat should be used for class/subject related conversations ONLY. Inappropriate language or off-topic conversations will lead to serious consequences. 
  • You are NOT authorized to use images or videos of your teachers or peers for any purposes. This can lead to serious consequences according to DOE chancellor's regulations.
  • Although we will be communicating in cyberspace, please respect *One MIC/Chat* rule.
  • To be marked present for each of your classes, you need to “attend” each session by 11:59 PM each day 




Each day, we will provide students with a place to “check in” to each class.  This will help us account for students and provide extra support if need be.  Daily, students will see a question posted in each of their subject google classrooms - they will then respond to show us that they have checked in and have seen the instructions, assignments, etc.


Extra Support/ Office hours:


Please reach out via email and we will provide options for one on one student support via email, telephone, or Google Hangout.


  • All Staff : 1:50-2:40 pm daily


We’ll see you soon online!