Student Voice

Our Team 287 Elected Officials would like our school to have:
- Respect for all
- Trips monthly
- Tutor other students
- See students happy when they come to school
- More gym time, writing, reading, math, and technology
- A clean school with clean doors and walls
- Student led bake sales book fairs, so that we can pay for ABC Mouse
- A special learning program to help kids with low grades in after school
- Better cafeteria food
- More items in our school store like: slime, glow in the dark markers
- Have teachers that do not have attitudes
- More drone time, 3D print time, and more coding opportunities
Our School President would like to see the following changes in our school:
- An after school program that teaches dance
- A prep for kids to build things
- A prep to learn how to garden
- Family fun trip to water park in the summer