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Welcome Letter

P.S. 287 ‘A Future Ready School’

Pre-K 163 ‘Cultivating the Best in Learners’


Dear Parents,


The first week of school in Pre-K 163 has been a hype of activity. What an amazing time it been

for us all! It has been filled with mixed emotions - excitement, laughter, curiosity, caution,

apprehension, and some moments of sadness. We have been trying to stay brave as we

separate from our love ones and await their return at the end of the long day.


What have we been learning in Pre-K? Routines, routines, routines. We have been

working on our arrival processes in the classroom, transitioning to breakfast, lunch and snack;

gathering for Morning Meeting and large group activities; building class rules, becoming

familiar with the Daily Schedule and selection of our Choice Time activities.


For the next few weeks we will improve our understanding of the class routines and

rules. We will discuss our emotions, when we might express them and how and where we can

appropriately address them in the classroom. We will also go on a tour of our school and

become familiar with others in our support staff.


Encourage your children to have conversations about their day and help them to

become independent in simple everyday tasks such as dressing and undressing, recognizing

and gathering their belongings, and responding verbally when they are spoken to. Read to and

with them daily.


Thank you once again for choosing P.S.287, to be your child's school of choice.